Uncle Albert's One Smart Cookie
I eat a cookie in the morning and wasn't hungry till
about 2pm and I was in a better mood all day. 
    Thanks Leigha

These cookies work great for an midmorning snacks
for my kids. I know they are getting a healthy snack
and I just pop a 2 cookie bag in their lunch; easy.

I had one this morning and this evening; good stuff
for healthy conscious.
    Jeff Mast

This is a Great Cookie lots of flavor.

I had a half cookie with a half banana before my yoga
class, worked great.
    Jetty Sue

I eat a cookie in the morning around 6 with my coffee.
They cut my appetite and I'm loosing weight. Not doing
anything different must be the cookies.
    Sue Tomlinson

I eat healthy  because it's the right thing to do. I eat Uncle Alberts
Cookie because it tastes good too. When I come across a good thing I'm
compelled to share it. So that's what I'm doing. I have been taking
samples around to the Health Food stores and other enlightened vendors
of quality on the Big Island of Hawaii. The response has been
wonderful. Uncle Alberts Cookie is now available at many locations
around the island. Wanna put a smile on someones' face? Let 'em try
One Smart Cookie! 
    Jim Irvine

Smart people who think Uncle Albert's Cookies are the
                                                              World's Best Tasting Healthy Cookies:            
                                                                              Norene M.        
                                                                              Frank,    Retired food distributor               
                                                                              Dillie G.              
                                                                              Lynda,   Banker
                                                                              Tatiana B.          
                                                                              Amber,  Health store worker
                                                                              Nikki H.                                              
                                                                              Rhonda, Cruise planner              
                                                                              Lexus,    Student                      
                                                                              Rachel                                                                                                                                                                  Chris, hobo with a truck 

                                                                       Christy  yoga instuctor                                                                            
                                                                       Bill F.                                            
                                                                       Wayne  Banking       
                                                                       J. Javor               
                                                                       Kalib,    NAU student                  
                                                                        Megan  Student
                                                                        Sue T.  Owner's siste            
Randy, Cafe owner & professional sports trainer                 
                                                                        Darcy,  Student            
Noah,   Health food store mgr. 
Ellen,    Yoga instructor
Donna,  Health food store owner  
                                                                        Dale,    Restaurant owner

Uncle Alber's Cookies
807 W. Cooley DR.
Gilbert AZ. 85233


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