Uncle Albert's One Smart Cookie
One Smart Cookie Diet
 One Smart Cookie Diet plan:

Morning... Eat one cookie with your tea or coffee & a cup of fruit or banana.

Midmorning... Have the 2nd cookie for a midmorning snack.

Lunch...    Eat  a  3rd cookie with water  10 minutes before a lunch of salad with tuna or chicken.

Midday... Eat the 4th  cookie.

Dinner... Have a raw dinner of a salad with fresh veggies

No:  Soft drinks Diet or regular. No white stuff like .... sugar, flour or rice.

Yes:  Have a  multiple vitamin a day.  Eat as many fresh raw veggies as you want. 
        Exercise 10 minutes two times a day.. or take a 20 minute walk.

Option #2 ... Eat a One Smart Cookie with water 10 minutes before each meal.
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