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Uncle Albert's One Smart Cookie is focused on using the
highest-quality healthy ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

     Uncle Albert's Cookies are high in omega-3s, antioxidants and protein, which are all important in creating healthy bodies and minds.  Studies show that the omega-3s found in flax seed and chia seed help body and brain function.  Eating Uncle Albert's One Smart Cookie in the morning will help stimulate the positive brain chemical serotonin that is responsible for your positive moods. 

  • Ingredients in all Uncle Albert's Cookies are all natural. 
  • Uncle Albert's Cookies are high in nutrients.  
  • Uncle Albert's Cookies are made with oats, flax seed, chia seed, whey protein, molasses.  
  • Some of Uncle Albert's Cookie flavors have 55-64% cacao chocolate chips.  
  • Uncle Albert's Cookies ingredients all contain  benefits for our minds and bodies. 

Here's why they're so smart?
 :  Lower Cholesterol
Flax Seed, Chia Seed :  Are full of omega-3s which help the heart, brain, hair and nails.
Whey Protein:  Builds muscles and lowers blood sugars.
Cacao Chocolate:  Are full of antioxidants which prevent cell damage from pollution.
Molasses:  Is high in iron and potassium. 
Celtic Sea Salt: A super healthy salt that has 96 improtant minerals that the body needs.

Who benefits from One Smart Cookie?

Are you overweight?
Try One Smart cookie for breakfast with a large glass of water, tea or coffee. 
  Then have three more cookies throughout the day before healthy whole food meals.

Kids and busy mothers!
A nice healthy, quick breakfast in a bag.  Evidence suggests that flax seed
 helps kids do better in school.

Eat Uncle Albert's Cookies for better focus, endurance and recovery.

Uncle Albert's Cookies are a great, on
the go, snack!       

      Eat Uncle Albert's Cookies in the morning for a start to a great day!    

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Retail locations:
Xtreem Bean:  
 Tempe, Southern and McClintock
Tempe Farmers Market:
    Tempe,  University and Farmer
Fresh Vitamins                                                                                     
   Phoenix, 32nd Street and Thunderbird
   Scottdale, Frank Lloyd Wright and  Highway 101 
   Mesa, Gilbert Road and Baseline (boxes available)

Natures Finest in:

    North Mesa, Brown and Gilbert Rd.              480-962-8288
   Fountain Hills
Natures Health Shoppe:

    Chandler, Alma school and Elliott                  480-821-1986
MCC Grounds For Thought: Mesa community collage
Xtreme Brean
McClintock and Southern
South West Institute of Healing Arts:

    Tempe, Apache E. of Rural                     480-994-9244
Spirit of Yoga
Tempe, Southern W. of McClintock.


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Uncle Albert's Cookies


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Email:  UncleAlberts@UncleAlbertsCookies.com

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